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Ebony’s ‘Hustle’ Is Not A Profane Song- Akosua Agyapong Tells Ghanaians


Ghanaian veteran highlife artiste , Akosua Agyapong has asked Ghanaians to stop ‘lambasting her for performing the late Ebony’s song at the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards

According to the ‘frema’ hit maker said lyrically there is nothing wrong with Ebony’s hit song ‘Hustle’ as some presume it to be .

“They should listen to the lyrics of Ebony’s song. People read into
lyrics or change it to suit what they want, but what she said in her
‘Hustle’ song was not profane. When she said people should patronise
her product doesn’t mean s*x,” she told DJ Murphy Lee on Kumasi-based
Bohye FM’s Midmorning Groove.

Akosua Agyapong caution those criticizing her for performing her song should be smart.

“I am sorry; those chastising me for performing her song on stage
should be smart. Look at how she dressed in her ‘Maame Hw3’ video.
Only those with ‘bad mind’ would sing ‘hustle’- (‘bedi me dwa’) the
opposite way,” Akosua Agyapong passionately stated.

The conversation was triggered after some listeners of the program
sent a text message to ask the musician why she performed the song
while campaigning against profanity in the music industry.

Seeing herself as a truth-sayer, the ace musician lamented that the
Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and the Ghana Music Rights
Organisation (GAMRO) have failed to sanitise the system.

“TV stations are showing naked videos of women. What’s killing me is
the lyrics. It is sad to listen to lyrics of most Ghanaian songs. I
blame MUSIGA and GAMRO for not sanitising the system,” she stressed.

Akosua added: “Profanity taking a centre stage in our industry is
worrying. Musicians are more than preachers, so we need to preach good
things. The young ones should come out with good content. I am a truth
sayer…and I will continue saying the truth.”

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