Emergency Exit Points Of Transport Buses.


Emergency Exit Points Of Transport Buses.

Road Safety Educational Campaigns must be the greatest priority of our country in helping reduce deaths caused by frequent accidents on our roads.

NRSC Officers

Although the National Road Safety Commission is doing their best in helping educate drivers and motorists who drive on our roads daily but more must be done.

The increasing spate of road traffic accidents in Ghana has claimed the lives of 46,284 people in 27 years.

The figures covered the period between 1991 and 2018.

Averagely, 1,714 are people killed each year This means that on the average, 1,714 commuters were killed every year as a result of road traffic accidents.

The year 1994 recorded the lowest deaths of 824 while 2018 recorded the highest number of deaths, totalling 2,341.

128,208 Accident survivors seriously injured (1991- 2016) Between 1991 and 2016, a total of 128,208 accident survivors were seriously injured while 184,349 were slightly injured.

17,842 Pedestrians killed (1991- 2016) The annual distribution of fatalities by road user classes is: pedestrians – 17,842 (42.6%); mini buses – 8,296 (19.8%); cars – 4,842 (11.6%); Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV), also Large Goods Vehicle (HGV/LGV) – an 017 (9.6%); motorcycles – 3,512 (8.4%); cycle – 1,742 (4.1%); pick-up trucks – 1,155 (2.8%); and others – 511 (1.2%).

411 Killed between January and February 2019 Between January and February this year, 411 commuters were killed in 2,126 reported road traffic accidents involving 3,428 vehicles; and 2,440 were injured.

Last Friday, 62 commuters died while 118 others sustained various degrees of injuries in two accidents.

Research conducted by Sintim Media indicate that the National Road Safety commission is not doing enough in educating pedestrians and passengers who fall victim to fatal accidents on our roads.

Passengers who make use of public transport buses for their daily routines must know the following emergency exit points of these buses and make use of it in times of road accidents.

Below are the emergency exit points of the V.I.P Bus.

Emergency Exit
Emergency Exit
Emergency Exit

Article by: Bismark Botchwey | Sintim Media.

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