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Fuse ODG awarded me a “bad” contract on our new project – eShun reveals





Ghanaian singer, eShun has disclosed that UK-based Ghanaian artiste, Fuse ODG, gave her a bad contract regarding their yet-to-be-released project.

In an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Fuse ODG told Andy Dosty that he wants to help artists in Ghana cross borders with their music. As a result, he says he invited musicians eShun, Feli Nuna and Selassie onto his project but says they’ve failed to sign the final contract to outdoor their songs.

I wanna create a platform for other countries to listen to Ghanaian music. The idea is to have a different artiste on a song. I don’t know about [Eshun not happy with the contract]. The lawyer has to go through it and they get back to me”, he said.

But in an interview with eShun on the same Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Monday, she revealed that Fuse ODG gave them a “bad” contract to sign.

“It was a bad contract and I’m not the only one. Feli Nuna hasn’t signed hers. And from the last time I spoke with Selassie, she also had issues with the contract

so we told him [Fuse] it isn’t right so we asked that some changes are done”, eShun said.

Interestingly, eShun’s manager, Steven labelled the contract as a “funny” one, revealing Fuse ODG would be awarded all the credits to the song should the girls go ahead to ink the de

“Obviously she is being taken for granted. If the song has the potential of bringing revenue and saying all the risk is on you so you take the credit, it doesn’t make sense. If you tell me the risks are on you. I think that in Ghana we need to respect upcoming artists”, Steven told Andy Dosty.

He further urged Fuse ODG to amend the contract since it doesn’t have to benefit an individual.

“The potential of the song is about 120 million pounds. It’s gonna be played at a place where systems work. It’s about 37 pounds per play. I have the belief that Fuse has his mind in the right place. It should benefit all of us and not one person”, he said.


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