Nana Afful Nyankoe (II) To Celebrate 50th Anniversary As Krontihene Of Breman Asikuma.


Nana Afful Nyankoe (II) To Celebrate 50th Anniversary As Krontihene Of Breman Asikuma. Children Extends Their Heartfelt Gratitude To Him In A Worth Reading Citation.

Nana Afful Nyankoe II – Krontihene Of Breman Asikuma

Come Wednesday, 27th November, 2019, His Royal Majesty, Nana Afful Nyankoe II Will be celebrating his Golden Jubilee as Krontihene of Breman Asikuma.

Nana Afful Nyankoe II who has served the good people of Breman Asikuma for 50 years as the traditional community’s Krontihene was enstooled in the year 1969 when he was in form 3 at Breman Asikuma Presbyterian School.

As part of Nana’s 50th Anniversary celebration, Children of Nana Afful Nyankoe II have expressed their sincere gratitude in a worth reading Citation to be presented to him.

Below is a citation by children, presented to Nana Afful Nyankoe II, Krontihene of Breman Asikuma;

“…Nana, Your children are proud of you. You are our Father, Counselor, Mentor, Motivator, Advocate and Defender. Your Royal Highness, Your Royal Majesty., You show royalty in humility and meekness. You show royalty in family and communal love. You show royalty in compassion and empathy. You have become a fortress for all who seek fellowship and togetherness. You have become an oak for all who are defenceless and weary. You have become a living fountain for all who thirst for traditional wisdom and philosophy. We thank God for your life. If you had not come, the path to life would have been dark for many. If you had not come, the beauty of royalty would have eluded many. If you had not come, royal parenthood would have found no expression in our age. The gentle giant of a king, God richly bless you. The Krontihene of a special kind, live long in strength and in wealth. Our proud father with a difference, continue to reign from age to age….”


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